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Amazing Advantages Of Plastination Specimen As Medical Teaching Model

Author:Meiwo Time:2022-11-24

Due to the unique advantages of plastination specimens in teaching,nowerdays more and more medical universities use the plastiantion specimen replaced of traditional femalin specimens.


Plastination specimens have many advantages in anatomy teaching. Less irritating, without the strong pungent odor of formalin soaked specimens and the impact on health, making the experimental teaching of plastination specimens safer and healthier;


The structure of the plastination specimen is clear, and the specimens of various systems can be made according to the teaching content;


It can be used repeatedly, saving resources to a great extent and ensuring the needs of teaching;


It can be touched and held, with certain characteristics, which is convenient for students to use;


Compared with traditional specimens, plastination specimens not only have less loss, but also can be stored for a long time, which is convenient for teaching use and saves educational resources;


The preservation and maintenance are relatively simple. The plastination specimens can be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place during long-term use. The experimenter can maintain it according to the instructions for use.

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