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Classification and Significance of Human Specimens

Author:Meiwo Time:2022-11-05

Human specimens refer to whole or partial human specimens used in human anatomy teaching and scientific research. According to books, teaching materials and literature, there are many types of human specimens, including casting specimens, plastinated specimens, tomographic specimens, partial specimens, free specimens, wet specimens, dry specimens, etc. If the specimens are not scientifically classified, it is not conducive to teaching and research, the classification of specimens is of great significance.

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The classification of specimens is conducive to the protection of specimens.

The classification of specimens is beneficial to the study and practice of medical students.

Specimen classification is conducive to teachers' rational use of different types of specimen collocation.

Specimen classification is helpful for anatomical researchers to select corresponding human specimens and to study human body structure in depth.

Specimen classification is helpful for clinicians to select appropriate specimens for clinical treatment.