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The Dissection of Human Head and Neck Soft Silicone Anatomy Model

Author:Meiwo Time:2022-03-10

A batch of the dissection of human head and neck soft silicone anatomy models for medical university has been finished by professional mold maker, including superficial and deep anatomy.


The superficial dissection of human head and neck soft silicone anatomy model clearly shows subclavian artery, sternocleidomastoid muscle, external jugular vein, external jugular artery, parotid gland, transverse cervical nerve, accessory nerve, greater auricular nerve, lesser occipital nerve, cervical branch, brachial plexus, cerebellum, superior cerebral vein, sinuses, superior anastomotic vein, bridging vein, superior sagittal sinus, middle and superficial cerebral vein, laryngeal aponeurosis and other structures.  


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The Deep dissection of human head and neck soft silicone anatomy model clearly shows middle cerebral artery, lateral frontolateral artery, anterior temporal, middle temporal, posterior temporal artery, temporal occipital branch, posterior parietal artery, angular gyrus branch, anterior central sulcus, central sulcus, and posterior central sulcus.  Temporalis muscle, deep temporal nerve, infraorbital artery, sphenopalatine artery, superior posterior alveolar artery, buccal artery.  Nerve, buccal muscle, medial pterygoid.  Superficial head, lingual nerve, facial artery, masseter muscle, superficial temporal artery, external hebei muscle, auriculotemporal nerve, trigeminal nerve, mandibular nerve, middle meningeal artery, maxillary artery, facial nerve, inferior alveolar artery and nerve, supratrochlear nerve, infraorbital nerve.  Glossopharyngeal nerve, internal cervical nerve, anterior ramus of spinal nerve.  Posterior branch, vagus nerve, ascending carotid artery, vertebral artery, ascending pharyngeal artery, laryngeal nerve, external carotid artery, thyroid artery and other structures.  


deep dissection of human head and neck anatomy model