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Whole Body Nerves Soft Silicone Anatomy Model for Medical University

Author:Meiwo Time:2022-07-28

A medical university ordered a series of soft silicone anatomy models from Meiwo recently. Soft silicone model with its strong stability, crash resistance, non-toxic and tasteless advantages favored by the majority of teachers and students.


whole body nerves soft silicone anatomy model

One of whole body nerves soft silicone anatomy model has been finished. The anatomical structure of the soft silicone model of systemic nerves is clear, showing the central nerve, brain and spinal cord, peripheral nerve and spinal nerve, including the spinal nerves (brachial plexus radial nerve, ulnar nerve, median nerve, lumbar plexus femoral nerve, sacral plexus sciatic nerve, etc.) and other structures from the central nerve to the whole body.