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  • Simulation Human Body Model

High Simulation Human Body Model

  • Type: MWSM-022
  • Lifetime: 5-10 years
  • Price: Preferential price
  • Advantage: Non-toxic odorless durable dry
  • Delivery time: 7 days to 2 months after the order confirmed
  • Technology: Environmental silicone rubber made by hand-made

TAG:  anatomy model soft silicone anatomy model plastinated animal specimens simulation model

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High Simulation Human Body Model


Branches of veins (superficial temporal vein, supraorbital vein, suborbital vein, external nasal vein, submental vein, internal 肶 vein, posterior auricular vein, occipital vein, maxillary vein, mandibular vein, internal jugular vein, subclavian vein, axillary vein, lateral thoracic vein, superior vena cava, posterior intercostal vein, brachial vein, radial vein, ulnar vein, metacarpal vein, metacarpal digital vein, interosseous vein Anterior vein, inferior vena cava, common iliac vein, internal iliac vein, median sacral vein, femoral vein, great saphenous vein, lateral femoral vein, external superficial pudendal vein, anterior tibial vein, dorsal venous network of feet, popliteal vein, superior gluteal vein, inferior gluteal vein, posterior tibial vein, first perforating vein, second perforating vein, etc.) (Cerebral artery, common carotid artery, maxillary artery, mandibular artery, internal pterygoid artery, inferior alveolar artery, mental artery, superficial temporal artery, occipital artery, internal 肶 artery, nasal dorsal artery, vertebral artery, truncus brachii, aortic arch, thoracic aorta, abdominal aorta, iliac aorta, internal iliac artery, superior gluteal artery, inferior gluteal artery, femoral artery, lateral circumflexus femoral artery, profunda femoral artery, anterior tibial artery, external artery Anterior malleolar artery, medial anterior malleolar artery, arcuate artery, dorsal pedis artery, dorsal plantar artery, suprascapular artery, lateral thoracic artery, popliteal artery, first perforator artery, second perforator artery, superior lateral knee artery, medial superior knee artery, posterior interosseous artery, anterior recurrent tibial artery, posterior recurrent tibial artery, medial malleolar branch, dorsal metacarpal artery, dorsal digital artery, axillary artery, thoracic and acromial artery, anterior circumflex brachial artery, brachial artery Radial collateral artery, radial artery, ulnar artery, anterior interosseous artery, superficial palmar branch, deep palmar arch, superficial palmar arch, common palmar digital artery, palmar digital artery, etc.) nerve branches: (Rami temporalis, posterior auricular nerve, greater occipital nerve, superior orbital nerve, infraorbital nerve, optic nerve, pterygopalatine ganglion, masseter nerve, buccal nerve, inferior alveolar nerve, sympathetic trunk, vagus nerve, brachial plexus, recurrent laryngeal nerve, esophageal nerve, thoracic nerve artery, abdominal nerve artery plexus, intercostal nerve, inferior mesenteric ganglion, sympathetic trunk, sacral ganglion, anterior branch of sacral nerve, gray communicating branch, Iliac plexus, genital femoral nerve, lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, iliac hypogastric nerve, iliac inguinal nerve, subcostal nerve, femoral nerve, lateral femoral nerve, muscular branch, saphenous nerve, deep peroneal nerve, superficial peroneal nerve, tibial nerve, medial foot nerve, dorsal nerve, deep peroneal nerve cutaneous branch, spinal nerve, superior gluteal nerve, inferior gluteal nerve, sciatic nerve, pudendal nerve, common peroneal nerve, tibial nerve, and occipital nerve Nerves, posterior tract, radial nerve, ulnar nerve, axillary nerve, superior thoracic nerve, median nerve, median nerve, thenar branch, digital and palmar nerve, posterior interosseous nerve, etc.) Take into account skeletal muscle: deep skeletal muscle is attached to the whole body bone (temporalis, masseter, digastric, sternocleidomastoid, internal pterygoid muscle, mylohyoid muscle, geniohyoid muscle, buccal muscle cross section, capispinous muscle cross section. Cross section of capitis buccalis, rectus minor posterior capitis, rectus major posterior capitis, scalene of head, scalene of head inferior, Longissimus capitis, levator scapulae, rdiamboid muscle, supraspinatus muscle, infraspinatus muscle, teres minor muscle, teres major muscle, costal levator muscle, spinalis muscle, quadrate muscle, obturator internus muscle, gluteus maximus cross section, gluteus medius cross section, gluteus minimus, piriformis muscle, obturator internus muscle, sacrotuberous ligament, semitendinosus cross section , long head section of biceps femoris, quadratus femoris, adductor magnus, intermedius femoris, short head of biceps femoris, semimembranus, popliteus, posterior tibialis, flexor longus, flexor digitorum longus. Achilles tendon, tibialis posterior, neck longus, intercostal externus, intercostal internus intercostus, posterior costus, psoas major, ilius, gracilis, obturator externus, Adductor longus, adductor brevis, Adductor magnus, medius femoris, vastus lateralis, rectus femoris, anterior tibialis, extensor digitorum longus, extensor longus, extensor digitorum brevis, interosseus, Coracohumerus Severed head, short head of the biceps brachii, long head of the biceps brachii, brachii muscle, ulnar wrist flexor, extensor of the finger, extensor of the little finger, short head of the pronator teres, longus of the palm, pronator of the anterior muscle, extensor of the thumb brevis, extensor of the little finger, lumbricus, oppositus pollici, transverse ligament of the wrist, pronator muscle, extensor pollici brevis, extensor thumbi, etc.)


Natural size


Silicone rubber


Medical teaching exhibition and display science research science education




2 years


Express, by air, by sea, etc.

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high simulation human body model for salehuman body model for salesilicone human body modelsoft human body model

TAG:  anatomy model soft silicone anatomy model plastinated animal specimens simulation model

Package -- All package are neutral --

01Sample order, products are packed by carton and foam.
Zhengzhou MeiWo Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.Zhengzhou MeiWo Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.Zhengzhou MeiWo Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.Zhengzhou MeiWo Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
02Big volume and heavy order, products are packed by wooden box and foam.
Zhengzhou MeiWo Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.Zhengzhou MeiWo Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.Zhengzhou MeiWo Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.Zhengzhou MeiWo Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.

TAG:  anatomy model soft silicone anatomy model plastinated animal specimens simulation model


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