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Plastination Revolution


Why plastination is born?

1)A strong irritant on the skin, mucous membranes and other internal organs, people are unbearable and directly impact on learning outcomes, some student show some resistance to it.

2)It is toxic for long term contacts' nervous system and internal organs.

3)Formaldehyde pollution of air and water saving is very inconvenient, formalin (35% -40% aqueous solution of formaldehyde) is noxious liquid, and harm to human health. what's more the specimen can not be stored for a long time, easy damage, especially some structure of specimens would undermine with using time.

4)Specimen is easy to damage, it is inevitable to be a lot of wear and tear in teaching. so it need to be supplement and update regularly. In this way, it will consume the a lot of bodes but also need skilled technicians spent long time to make the new specimens.


Plastination in China

In 1995, it is building in China,

In 2000, It is developing gradually.

Then 2005, our company research and develop it and doing the various types specimens, such as plastinated specimen, casting specimens, embedded specimens, skeleton specimens, etc. Especially our embedded specimen is unique and famous in china. maybe there is unknown in the world. now we have the glorious responsibility to spread this good technology and information to the world.

Process of plastination

1. Embalming and dissection.This is first step, we should have the material of plastination, and put the formalin into the body through the arteries and the formalin will kill all the bacteria and stop the decay of the tissue. and then we can dissect it by tools, and then the skin, fat and connective tissue is removed from the body and make preparation for the individual anatomical structure.

2. Removal body of water and fat.This is second step, we can put the specimens into the acetone bath, because the acetone can dissolved the body of water and soluble fats.

3. Forced impregnation.This is the process of replace acetone and reactive polymer penetrate every single cell. the specimens with acetone is immersed in a reactive polymer solution and placed in vacuum chamber and then the vacuum will remove the acetone from the specimens and helps the polymer penetrate the last cell.

4. Positioning.After the impregnation, the specimens is positioned as your desired, such as dancing , playing basketball etc. every signal anatomical structure is aligned and fixed with the help of needles, clamps, foam blocks and wires.

5. Harden. The specimens will be harden and done with gas, light or heat.

6. Trim.You will trim the useless parts and make it more perfect and real and beautiful.

7. Colored.We can colored the specimens with the skin color or red color and looks it more natural.

8. Technical evaluation.Products finished, All the products will be quality testing and technical evaluation by technical advisor Professor SI QING Chen until perfect.

Advantages of plastinated specimen

1)Little irritation, getting rid of serious irritation because of intense immersion in formalin specimens and bad effect to human health and make the teaching more environmentally.

2)Can be hand-held with certain characteristics to facilitate teaching.

3)Clear structure. We can produce a teaching specimen of each system according to the teaching needs.

4)Vivid specimen, strong sense of reality.

5)Using recycled. It will be saving resources to ensure school teaching.

6)Long time using. An investment in the long term benefit.

7)Maintenance more convenient. laboratory technician can repair the specimens according to the instruction of products. Using water to clean the stain on the sample and dry in a cool and wind place.

In a word, animal plastinated specimens can improve veterinary anatomy learning environment, increase interest in learning , eliminate fear of ordinary specimens, help to improve the quality of learning. but also avoid the pollution of the environment and physical damage. this study shows it is having an increasingly the greater effect because of introduction of plastination.