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The pavilion design adopts large space, regional design and modern simple style, also reasonably use historical and cultural elements. Design strictly according to fire emergency evacuation requirements, focusing on teaching specimens and high-tech exhibitions spatial arrangement, and properly use sound, light, electricity, bionic, television animation synthesis, digital computer and other modern technology, so it makes pavilion full of modern high-tech information. The pavilion supports internet, mobile phone, wechat and ipad, also suitable for IOS and android system, and connects the school network resource library, achieving real and virtual, entity and network mutually complement, in order to achieve modernization, electronization, digitization and dynamization of science museum.


Understand life, love life

Understand medicine: saving lives--preventing and treating diseases--extending life span

Maintain health: truth of life--medical secrets--health methods


Putting humanity first, fully satisfied the requirements of teaching and popular science, use a wide range of forms to meet the needs of different levels visitors, reflecting humanized design, it also meets the fire emergency evacuation requirements, paying attention to space transitions and joins of pavilion, and skillfully blending in with characteristic cultural elements.

Streamline illustration and fire emergency evacuation map show the entrance, exit, safe entrance and safe exit of the science museum.
The aerial view of science museum from different angles.
Science museum hall reflects the ceaselessness of life in the form of Tai Chi corresponding yin and yang figure, interative yin and yang fish on the ground.
Micro-world skillfully use DNA double helix as display modeling, interpreting the mystery of life and composition of cells, which make visitors feel more interesting and exploratory.
The beginning of life exhibition designs origin in the shape of uterus and show the occurrence, development of embryonic specimens and teratogenic specimens with the help of 3D animation, illustrations and other forms.
Locomotor system exhibition displays bones specimens, joints specimens and muscles specimens with the glass showcase, and synchronously configure cultural exhibition panels, 3D dynamic demonstration and lighting effects, revealing the beauty of human body sufficiently.
The nervous system exhibition includes brain, spinal cord, limbs and the position and trend of other parts nerves, which reflect domination and dominated、instruction and instructed relations of nervous system and its branches.
Curved glass showcase is used as display carrier of respiratory system specimens, synchronously configure cultural exhibition panels, 3D dynamic demonstration and lighting effects, reflecting the adjacency relation, mutual cooperation and mutual coordination of organs.
The urogenital system exhibition shows urinary organ specimens of male and female, recognizing the different physiological functions of men and women.
The digestive system shows the morphological features of tongue, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas and intestine, remind people of great role digestive system play in the human body system.
The circulatory system exhibition shows the arrangement, trend and adjacency relations of arterial-venous in different positions.
Whole body plastination exhibition shows the adjacency relations and inner links of bones, muscles, blood vessels, nerves and internal organs when activity and static via various modeling, innovative designs guide visitors to explore the mystery of human, and enjoy the fun of learning.
This exhibition shows the pathological specimens and parasitic specimens with the fine showcases, pathological specimens change from entirety to microscope, indicating common pathogenic factors of these diseases, and guiding the real life radically.
First aid exhibition takes medical simulator as object, and students can truly experience the human emergency training skills.
This exhibition mainly shows human section specimens and embedded plastinated specimen, virtual anatomy system is in the center area, comprehensively displaying subtlety and miracle of human, in order to achieve dual displaying effects of studying and training.
The virtual studio can simulate different teaching scenes with multimedia virtual technology, and combined with interactive 3D software, demonstrating and learning interactively life and its relevant contents with AR and VR technology, in order to mobilize effectively enthusiasm
Life science exhibition shows the world of scientific medicine and microscopes, uncovering veil of human unsolved mysteries, exploring intricate scientific questions, and visitors will benefit enormously.
Life experience exhibition includes environment and health, psychology and health, alcoholism and health, smoking and health and physical fitness etc, and it makes visitors test value of life.
Safety island exhibition popularize life safety knowledge to visitors through life science and 3D cinema.