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Tsai ’s Area In Human Anatomy

Author:Meiwo1 Time:2020-05-09

A very important human anatomy structure in neuroscience is the Ventral Tegmental Area of Tsai. It plays an important function, the most famous of which is the reward circuit function. This area was discovered by Chinese scientist Tsai Chiao by studying brain specimens, and he published the paper alone. This structure was later referred to by researchers as VTA of Tsai.


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In the long-term evolution process, humans have evolved the reward circuit system in the brain for survival and reproduction. Whenever they obtain substances or behaviors that are conducive to survival and reproduction, they secrete dopamine to reward themselves with "euphoria." That's what love is, when you fall in love with a person, the brain secretes dopamine to make you addicted, like alcohol and cigarettes. If you are scared, if you have a sense of security, yes, these are all related to the Ventral Tegmental Area of Tsai.