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Animal Anatomy Software

  • Animal Anatomy Software:
  • 1. Twelve animals
  • 2.  Nine systems
  • 3. Four modules
  • 4. Use and operation

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Product Description

Animal Anatomy Teaching System

Meiwo animal anatomy teaching system is developed using Unity3D engine combined with Max and Maya 3D modeling software. The system model uses real animal data for 3D data reconstruction, relying on virtual reality, human-computer interaction, database and other technologies to simulate real anatomy teaching scenes , allowing users to learn animal anatomy knowledge more intuitively and systematically.

Twelve animals

1 Combination and comparison of model and atlas data

The comparison teaching between anatomical model and theoretical atlas data can help students deepen learning depth and expand learning knowledge more effectively.


Product Advantages


1 Complete physiological and anatomical data

Covering the complete physiological and anatomical structure data of various types of organisms such as poultry, livestock, pets, aquatic products, etc., each structure can be displayed independently, and is equipped with bilingual annotation information in Chinese and English, and cooperates with voice interpretation to maximize teaching.


2 Clearly labeled high-definition atlas data

According to the teaching requirements of animal anatomy, the system provides a large number of high-definition teaching atlas and detailed annotation information.


Nine systems


Product Specification

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